Think deeply. Care fiercely. Work hard.

The Warren Wilson education gives you breadth with a time-honored liberal arts core and depth through our varied majors and minors. But we don’t stop there. Because like you, we believe that the best learning happens when you strike out, leave the shallows, and go deep.

So we amplify your classroom experiences through two additional graduation requirements:

Our Work Program sets you apart when you’re applying for jobs — you’ll already have a resume full of accomplishments. And participation in our Community Engagement Commitment adds service experience while providing you opportunity to advocate for causes you care about.

These core experiences are integrated with experiential learning opportunities like internships,  study abroad, and career preparation.

Better Career Preparation

We know that the marketplace demands the broad-based skills developed with a liberal-arts education. But we also know that’s not enough. So you’ll graduate with that plus applied experiences offered only at Warren Wilson. By the time you graduate, you will have: solved problems in a professional environment, developed your leadership on a team, calculated the impact of your decisions in a workplace, and delivered on your commitment to your supervisor and colleagues.

Our students can and do change the world. When you graduate, you won’t say you learned how to do it. You will say you’ve done it.

Aerial Landscape - Jones Mountain, Farm, and Garden

“I met friends, teachers, and mentors here who became my family. I ran cross-country here and worked with the pigs on the farm here and fell in love here and found the world’s greatest writers and mentors. I’ve grown older now, but my husband and I both are quite certain that our time at Warren Wilson made us into fuller versions of ourselves.”

Erin Pesut ’10, Creative Writing

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Our Mission

Warren Wilson College’s distinctive approach to education intentionally integrates academics, work, and community engagement to cultivate curiosity, empathy, and integrity. We empower graduates to pursue meaningful careers and lead purposeful lives dedicated to a just, equitable, and sustainable world.